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We, at Zenang Yoga & More love to work with any mindful - small businesses. One of the small business that has just recently emerged is    Cakes by Ronja.  .
Ronja attended yoga classes at Zenang Yoga & More regularly. She happened to be really amazing at baking cakes and she loves doing it too!
We got to try some of her creations during the
Yoga Festival Zoetermeer 2019 this past summer. We immediately fell in love and of course....we want more cakes!! Since then we're starting to order vegan brownies (oh my god, this is heaven) and gift a piece of them to each of our students who attended our yoga workshops. Since Ronja can make a super delicious vegan cakes, you won't have to feel guilty stuffing your face with them. You won't even notice that they're vegan! Of course, she can make non-vegan cakes too, but if you can save the environment while eating vegan cakes, this world will be a wonderful place, right?!

Now, we're taking Cakes by Ronja to the next level, we have added her service into our website so that you can order them too! Each vegan brownies cost 17.50 Euro. You can make the order by clicking here on our website or directly to Ronja herself or via her Instagram.
Please keep in mind that Ronja needs
48hours in advanced to get the cakes ready.

Make your orders now.



Hi! I am Ronja and I really love to cook in general, but my heart lies with the sweet stuff. My other love is yoga and that has taught me everything is about balance.
I workout a lot and eat healthy, so I can enjoy a sinner chocolate cake guilt-free!



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