7 Reasons Why Joining an Online Yoga Retreat Can Transform Your Life

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

You probably know a few people who had traveled thousands of miles to join a Yoga Retreat in exotic destinations. You have seen their photos on Instagram and you can't deny that they all look amazing. You cannot help but feel slightly envious because you have been dreaming of joining a yoga retreat but life commitments and/or limited funds have gotten in the way of your dream.

Since Covid-19 we all have been having difficulties with travel due to restrictions on social gatherings. Arranging a local trip can be challenging enough, let alone planning a yoga retreat afar. To make things worse, the global economy is also collapsing, leading to job loss and financial woes for many people.

Fortunately, one does not have to travel far away to enjoy a yoga retreat. This is when the online yoga retreat comes in.

Namastay Home Online Retreat

An online yoga retreat is a yoga retreat that you can experience from anywhere you find solitude: your home, the local park, your garden, the local beach, etc. It does not require you to dig deep into your savings, book time off from work, or hop on the jet plane. It is very economical, time-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Since Covid-19, joining an online yoga retreat has been a thing!

Here are seven reasons why joining an online yoga retreat can transform your life:

1. Reconnect to Yourself.
Feeling stressed, overwhelmed with your thoughts and emotions, feeling lost, and uncertain of your purpose in life - these all mean that you have a disconnection with your inner self. Being aware of these feelings is a powerful tool to help you reconnect with yourself.

2. Have Some Me Time & Learn to Love Yourself.
When was the last time you were able to enjoy a couple of days just for yourself without feeling guilty? The goal of loving yourself is to feel good about yourself. The perk of joining an online yoga retreat is the flexibility to chose the location yourself. You can choose to experience your online yoga retreat up on the mountain, by the ocean, or anywhere else where you can connect to the internet. Staying away from the distractions around you will make your online yoga retreat more effective and enjoyable. This process is an opportunity to learn how to take time for yourself and to evaluate your progress every day.

3. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone
Haven't done an online yoga retreat before? Not a big fan of technology? Are you worried that you won't stick to the entire online yoga retreat program? That’s even better! When was the last time you tried something new for the first time? Challenge yourself and keep your mind open. Some practices during the online yoga retreat will push you out of your comfort zone. Remember that only when you step out of your comfort zone will you learn and grow. Good things often come into our life unexpectedly. Plus, you will gain a new perspective!

4. Meet Like-Minded People
Have you ever heard the phrase, "Your vibe attracts your tribe”? There are so many different kinds of online yoga retreat out there; the ones for people who are interested in coding, boot camps, veganism, detox, and so much more. Find the one that interests you, the one that you want to experience, and deepen your knowledge with.

5. Spiritual Expansion
Joining an online yoga retreat can create a deeper level of spiritual expansion. An online yoga retreat allows you to digest new learnings based on your own time and pace.

6. Improve Your Health
During a yoga retreat, you will practice yoga, meditation, breathing work, eating healthy meals, and daily body-mind exercises. Types of activities will depend on the length of your program. The longer the retreat, the more benefits you will get from it.

7. Carbon Footprint Free
Air travels produce greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide) from burning fuel. These gases contribute to global warming when released into the atmosphere. An online yoga retreat is Carbon Footprint Free. Be proud of your contribution to our mother nature!

Namastay Home Retreat

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