Breathe for Your Life

One day, I went for a lunch with my friend. We went to one of the Italian restaurants in the city center of Zoetermeer. We sat down and ordered our meal. Out of the blue, my friend asked one of the waitress if she practiced yoga. The waitress, startled, said, "No, I’m a kick boxer. I don’t need to sit quietly. I need to go get very active and do a lot of sports. But my colleague, she needs yoga in her life.” while pointing out on her colleague who immediately came towards our table. So, I asked her, “Do you practice any yoga?” She said yes but she doesn’t have any time because she works so much. Then I told her to do what she needed to do but when she has the time, she should come back to our table and I told her I will teach her 5 minutes of breathing practice. Not long after, she came back to our table. She took a place by my side and I told her to breathe without any expectation, and to make the next 5 minutes the best 5 minutes of the life. She nodded. And we started a simple breathing practice. When we opened our eyes, she had a teary eyes. She smiled, and I made sure she was okay and then she quickly left with grateful heart. It was indeed the best 5 minutes of her life. The 5 minutes of her life where she actually able to be present, feeling each of her breathes and her heartbeats.

That day, I felt lucky to have met her. I know that there is no coincidence. Everything had been planned and happened for a reason. That day I felt like I have found the purpose of my life, and I hope I can continue to serve others this way.

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