Restorative Yoga is Important

But why?

A lot of students said that Restorative Yoga is an easy peasy yoga practice, cause they don’t need to do anything other than laying down supported on the floor and hold each poses for a long time.

Uhm, actually, Restorative Yoga is a pretty advanced yoga practice. It requires a conscious breathing without falling asleep, and it requires a whole lot of effort to relax your physical body and nervous system. So it’s actually a hardwork.

Restorative Yoga is the closest form to a meditation. It’s when you do less. How do you unwind your body and mind. Restorative Yoga allows us to soften the tensions in our body though our breathes. We allow the earth to hold us completely still, and with each breath we soften more and more. The grounding; complete, full breathing; and quietness of restorative yoga help us elicit the relaxation response, a neurological response that tells us we are safe, pulls us out of "flight or fight" mode, and initiates the body's self-healing process. We switch over from worrying about staying "safe" to fostering the longevity systems of long term health, including digestion, elimination, reproduction, growth and repair, and immunity.  Restorative yoga asks us to stop engaging in all the doing and face what we really need to look at about ourselves. To learn about, befriend, and care for the whole of ourselves in a way we are not used to. This is an essential step for health and healing, for true renewal. A lot of people think relaxing is about letting go, but rather than throwing out, we are trying to make space for what’s uncomfortable and to allow more space for the full experience of who we are.

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