The Interpretation of Yoga

"The complete title should be: The Interpretation of Yoga in The Netherlands."

This is what surprises me a lot.

Coming from the island of yoga, Bali (Indonesia), I didn’t realize that for most of the people who live in The Netherlands, they said that yoga is not for them. Yoga is too floaty, and when they were being asked what they think of yoga, they said, “Standing with one leg in tree pose with your eyes closed and arms reaching out to the sky.”

Okay, everybody have their own meaning when it comes to yoga, but this….this is not yoga. This is just what you see on Instagram, or magazines.

But okay, okay, I get it. Unfortunately this kind of interpretation of yoga have made a lot of people in The Netherlands said no to yoga practice. They kind of avoid it all together. They don’t want to give it a chance. It’s not for them.

What they don’t realize is that most of them area already practicing yoga without knowing it. Conscious breathing is part of yoga practice, mindful eating is part of yoga practice, being kind and helpful to their friends is a yoga practice, taking care of themselves is a yoga practice, and so on.

Have you done any yoga practice today?

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