What Yoga Means to Me?

Present Moment.

Currently, I am teaching 13 yoga classes weekly. Phew! That’s quite a lot. But, do I suffer from that? Actually, the answer is no. For me, teaching yoga is not a job. It’s sharing what I know and how it resonate with my life. The ‘work’ part is the travel to and from each yoga studios. Not even the cleaning of the yoga shala is work for me. Cleaning up is part of yoga practice. It’s Saucha.

Back in The Day.

I got introduced to yoga practice in 2007. I was then working as a Global Footwear Designer for a well known surf brand. I was busy busy busy. I worked 9-10 hours a day, I traveled abroad a lot (which I love the most), and suffered from upper back pain, daily headaches, gaining weight and permanent grumpiness. I’m sure a lot of you understand how these feel. But then as soon as I jumped into the unknown world of yoga, I quickly fell in love, hard. I began to practice twice a day and carried my yoga mat everywhere I go. My upper back pain, daily headaches, grumpiness and extra weight slowly roll away. I turned into a happy, compassionate being. It really did! Puff! Like magic! No kidding! Seriously!

Back Again to The Present Moment. Now.

Fast Forward to today. For me, Yoga is how I life my life. Every single breathe I take, every compassion & loving kindness I have to others, every truth I speak, every single steps I take is yoga. It’s not just bending my body in various pretzel-like movement in asana practices. Yoga is way more than that. Yoga is life.

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