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Board Yoga

Zenang Yoga & More is the first yoga school in the Netherlands that offers the Board Yoga classes
and sells the Yoga Boards!

Yoga Board is a bit like surfing .... but then on dry land! Board Yoga is suitable for all yogis who enjoy supping, surfing, skiing. In fact, it is ideal for anyone who loves yoga. You lie on an extra wide surfboard with a bulging surface, so that it lies wobbly on the ground. Balance, balance and focus are very important at Board Yoga. At Yoga Board you use the whole body. So it's a real total body workout.

With Yoga Board the elements balance, balance and focus are strengthened. Because the board wobbles, you feel every move of your weight much better than when you are standing on a hard floor. Your balance, concentration and focus are therefore put to the test a lot. This is therefore a very good training in combination with Yoga. Board Yoga is suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Every Wednesday at 7 pm
Every Friday at 6:30 pm

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    Zenang Yoga & More
    Zenang Yoga & More, Eerste Stationsstraat 185, 2712 HG Zoetermeer, Netherlands
    The tastefully decorated room at Zenang Yoga & More can be rented: per hour, part of the day, or for a longer period of time. The room is available for rent at the times when there's no yoga class is given.
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    Yoga Festival Zoetermeer 2021
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    Yoga Festival Zoetermeer is planned to come back on 2021! Stay tuned for the fix date and time!

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Eerste Stationsstraat 185
2712HG, Zoetermeer

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