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We have updated our rental terms & conditions  due to Covid 19 pandemic.

The tastefully decorated room at Zenang Yoga & More can be rented:
per hour, part of the day, or for a longer period of time.

The room is available for rent at the times when there's no yoga class is given.



☾ Fixed room heaters

☾ Wifi

☾ Candles

☾ Bluetooth speaker

☾ 1 medium sized white board

☾ Hand sanitizers

☾ Toilet usage (with regulations during Covid 19)

☾ Cleaning equipments usage (mandatory during Covid 19)

IMPORTANT: During Covid-19 pandemic, the rent does not include:

☾ Water kettle

☾ Tea cups

☾ Blankets

☾ Yoga wheel

☾ Bolsters

☾ Blocks

☾ Straps

☾ Yoga boards

☾ Chairs


Zenang Yoga & More is located in the old village of Zoetermeer, we offer the perfect location for like minded mindful-entrepreneurs. At 2 minutes walking distance from train/bus station Zoetermeer Oost and 5 minutes walk from Randstadrail stop Driemanspolder.



The studio is very suitable for yoga and other mindful movements, such as:



✓individual sessions




✓therapeutic training

✓etc all in a relaxed atmosphere.  



✓anyone who can't go up/down the stairs

✓people with legs injuries

✓people with allergy to incense

Our building does not provide any elevator/lift, and we are located on the 2nd floor.  



Eerste Stationsstraat 185, 2712HG, Zoetermeer. 2nd floor (no elevator, only stairs).  


The studio has two rooms, the yoga shala which is available for rent is 75 m2 and a large kitchen area with separate room (100m2), located next to the yoga studio. The kitchen is fully equipped with 2 large fridges and 2 freezers, couch, chairs, tables, a microwave and a sink.

1 separate toilet in the hall across the yoga shala for unisex. Specially for Zenang Yoga & More usage.

Free parking 24/7 for 20+ cars.



✓No alcohol

✓No pets

✓No weapons

✓No smoking

✓No drugs (including marijuana & mushrooms)

✓No loud music.  


Please send us a message for more information or to make an appointment to view the room.

Per hour: 30€ excluding 21% VAT
Special rate for space rental more than 5 hours.



We will personally open the door to welcome you into our beautiful shala/studio.

• No shoes are permitted in the studio/shala. Shoes can be let at the shoes rack by the front door.

Guests are welcome to bring indoor shoes or slippers, their cutest socks, or walk barefoot.

• We don’t have lockers at the studio. There are hangers for your coats at the front of the studio/shala (in the hallway). We are not responsible for your items.

• Only light candles & burn incenses in the designated spaces to prevent fire hazard.

• The studio/shala must be cleaned up every after each use.

The usage of our cleaning equipment is included in the rental.

• Windows & doors must be opened during cleaning period, to allow fresh air to flow,

and to be closed again afterwards.

• Candles and incense must be blown off when the session is over.

• The studio/shala must be locked properly when done.



Bookings must be cancelled on time according to our cancellation policy stated below:

• Receive 100% refund (exclude tax and 10 Euro admin fee) when the cancellation is made

minimum 24 hours prior the booking.

• Receive 50% refund (exclude tax and 10 Euro admin fee) when the cancellation is made

less than 24 hours prior the booking.

• Avoid 10 Euro admin fee by freezing the payment you have made as credit for your future bookings.

• Zenang Yoga & More owns the full right to cancel your booking reservation anytime for any reasons.

Should this be the case, you will receive an email from Zenang Yoga & More and a full refund (no admin fee).

Visit Address:
Eerste Stationsstraat 185
2712HG, Zoetermeer

KVK: 72238585
BTW: 859041967

NL38 INGB 0008 5079 82

Tel: +31 6 41123093 (In Dutch)
Tel: +31 6 18215928 (In English)

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